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About us

The Burnickl Group GmbH is a holding company. Our structure allows our companies having a lean organization; focusing on the essential. We operational assist in the fields administration, accountancy, marketing, QA, controlling and management. Therefore, our companies are fast and agile.

​Working across Europe

Our focus is currently mainly on the construction industry. With the Burnickl Ingenieure GmbH we operate engineering offices in the sectors electrical engineering and materials handling as well as technical building equipment (MEP and HVAC) in Velburg, Dachau, Bamberg, Stuttgart, Passau and Würzburg.

To support these companies, widen the market and expand the access to engineers, we founded the Burnickl Building Technology S.L. based in Valencia.

Furthermore, we are active in the development business and involved in the Seger Wohnprojekte GmbH and the BS Real Estate GmbH (www.bs-real.de).

​With the B-Immo GmbH we organize our own real estates.

Not only active on construction sites

Dr. Burnickl is with his brother Bernhard additionally involved in the GranoMoreno GmbH & Co. KG which operates a coffee roasting house and soon system gastronomy companies as well.

​The objective of all companies is to offer a perfect experience to the customer and give an ideal working environment to the employees and thus to enjoy work.

People who want to make things happen. 

Thats what I'm searching for.

​We are constantly looking for new colleaguess and investmentopportunitys.

Send us an application  or become a business partner. When you have fun in what you do, succes is unavoidable. 

Dr. Peter Burnickl

Company group

The Burnickl Group GmbH is a shareholder of the companies:

  • Burnickl Ingenieur GmbH, Untere Gasse 51, 92355 Velburg with the office in Siedlungstr. 34, 94130 Passau

  • Burnickl Ingenieur GmbH,  Ludwig-Thoma-Straße 39, 85232 Bergkirchen/Dachau

  • Burnickl Ingenieur GmbH, Lichtenhaidestr. 11a, 96052 Bamberg

  • Burnickl Ingenieur GmbH, Flughafenstr. 59, 70629 Stuttgart

  • Burnickl Building Technology S.L., Avenida de Aragón 30, Edificio Europa, 8a planta, 46021 Valencia, Spanien

  • Seger Wohnprojekte GmbH, Albertstraße 1, 93047 Regensburg

  • BS Real Estate GmbH, Albertstraße 1, 93047 Regensburg

  • B-Immo GmbH, Untere Gasse 51, 92355 Velburg


Dr. Burnickl is privately incolved in the companies

  • Basilius GmbH & Co. KG, Burgstraße 1, 92355 Velburg

  • Basilius GmbH Management GmbH, Burgstraße 1, 92355  Velburg


Burnickl Group GmbH

Birkenweg 18
92355 Velburg


Mailing address:
Birkenweg 20
92355 Velburg

Mail: info@burnickl-group.com

Phone: +49 9182 90130 0